Providian Medical can show you how your equipment can begin generating revenue before you make your first payment!

  • Generate profits without depleting precious capital.
  • Preserve your cash flow for operating needs by taking advantage of low monthly payments.
  • Equipment can often pay for itself as it produces income.
  • Competitive rates and quick approval.

Providian Medical offers a variety of financing and lease-to-own programs that will meet almost every need.

Why Finance With Providian Medical?

  1. Conserve Cash Flow – Financing can lead to improved liquidity, allowing you to keep more cash on hand for expansion and/or renovations.
  2. Retain Credit Lines – Financing your equipment provides your business with a source of funding that is separate from your bank, lines of credit, credit cards or cash.
  3. Stay Current – allows businesses to address the problem of obsolescence. You are free to lease new, higher-end equipment after your lease expires.
  4. 100% Financing – We can generally wrap delivery, training, installation with the transaction into your monthly payment.  It also converts a large sale price into a low, affordable monthly payment.
  5. Speed and Flexibility – Leases are usually easier to obtain and have more flexible terms than loans for buying equipment.
  6. More Purchasing Options – If you use your lease to obtain items that may be outdated in a short period of time, a lease passes the burden of obsolescence onto the bank (lessor.)

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Providian Medical at 877-661-8224 

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