Here are a selection of verifiable testimonials customers have been so kind to share with Providian Medical over the years. If you would like to see additional Providian Medical reviews please don’t hesitate to contact Tess Langdon at support @ providianmedical(dot)com

I have been an equine practitioner for 25 years . I do lots of hospital practice and referral work, and a modest amount of ambulatory practice.

I recently needed to buy a new ultrasound. I spent some time really thinking about this purchase. I wanted the best image quality I could get for my money, and at this point in my career, I wanted an ultrasound I really enjoyed using.

I was courted by various companies marketing to the vet profession. Each spent all their effort trying to get me to buy one of their few models. I tried out a number of machines. I liked several, but I wondered about the value I was getting.

What attracted me to Providian was the fact that they weren’t wed to one machine or brand. They were familiar with all of them, had access to most of them (including reconditioned older models) , and were willing to openly compare cost/benefit among machines.

I ended up buying a new Chison Sonobook 9 machine through them. I like the machine very much so far. I feel like I got value and a machine I really enjoy using, and that gives me the diagnostic information I need. I feel like Providian really cares about my experience when I use my ultrasound, and that is important to me.

Doug Thal DVM DABVP – Certified in Equine Veterinary Practice

Thal Equine, LLC

For 10 years I used a GE Voluson 730 but in August it decided to die and I was heartbroken. Not only did I have a full schedule of pregnant woman, I literally had no idea what to do. I called our tech support and they told me that the machine could be fixed for about $6-$7K but it would be a downward spiral from then on. So after crying for an hour LOL, I pulled myself together and started to google. One of the first links to come up was Providian Medical. I was transferred to a phenomenal lady named Terry M. My word, she was so awesome! She told me all about the latest and greatest machines and which one would work best for my 3D/4D business. I ultimately decided to go with another GE but a portable version. The equipment arrived within a few days. For the most part it was very similar to my 730 but there were some vital functions that were NOT similar at all. I called Terry and she sent me straight over to Brian Gil. He was so unbelievably helpful, knowledgeable, and nice. I can’t thank Providian, Terry, and Brian for helping me get my business back up and running in only a few days!

Patsy L.

Again, thank you for all your help. Everyone at Providian has truly gone above and beyond to help me, and I’ve been trying to give Mark great referrals and would be happy to testament to anybody looking for a reference.

I wanted to tell you that since you put me in touch with Brian/Eric/Tim, those guys have gone ABOVE and BEYOND (just like you did) to help me fix and understand all concerns and issues I was having. Brian specifically spent like 4 hours the other day helping me with dicom issues. I’m very happy with Providian you guys rock. Thanks for all you do!!

I absolutely love the Chison q9. After working with a SIUI for over a decade, I finally had the funds to upgrade. I looked into and even test-drove some other models, but the first images I saw with the q9 blew me away. They are so smooth with so little artifact that some of our support staff with little or no training in sonography were able to instantly recognize major organs, and for the first time I had clients saying, “Oh, I see what you mean!” instead of, “It’s all grey blobs to me, doc.”

On the advice of a specialist, I requested a microconvex, a linear, and a cardiac transducer. Scott was fabulous about answering all of my questions and getting me just what I needed, even when I kept changing my mind about what I wanted and when! He made sure I had a chance to test the unit out before committing to purchase it, worked with me to make sure that I go the best machine for my needs and price range, and got the unit into my hands in record time. The video tutorials were excellent, enabling us to start using the system as soon as we got it out of the box.

Today we had a specialist come out to show us how to collect images to send them for teleconsulting, and he was impressed with the q9 as well. He commented on several things, including how well the presets worked, how clear and artifact-free the image quality was, how impressed he was with the echocardiographic capabilities of the machine, and how convenient the keyboard design was. He had never worked with a Chison before, but was able to find and use everything that he would on any of his own machines, finding the design very intuitive. He was very pleased with the transducers, and taught us how useful the linear probe was (something I had never used before).

Purchasing an expensive piece of equipment is always a nerve-racking experience, but I am entirely confident that I made the right choice in acquiring the Chison q9 through Scott and Providian. I FOUND ADRENAL GLANDS, FOR PETE’S SAKE!

Seriously, I love this machine.

Kristie Ponce DVM

Hi Terry,

Our study is over and we will no longer require the ultrasound machine. Can we set up a return?

We appreciate all of the support you and your team provided during our study. It was a great help and allowed us to meet the stringent standards required of this particular protocol.

Darin K. Sims, M.B.A.
Managing Partner
Pinnacle Research Group, LLC

To Whom It May Concern,

This past year I had the pleasure of working with Mark of Providian Medical Equipment, for the purchase of an ultrasound unit for my mobile veterinarian business. I say year because in fact, that is how long Mark persistently worked to help me fulfill my needs, despite my having to postpone purchasing a few times. Mark never gave up.

When I had budgetary changes, Mark worked to help me find a machine to fit my needs within my budget. When I decided I would be including other modalities in my business that had originally just been echocardiograms, Mark immediately got back to me with a different unit that would better suit my needs. When my financing fell through, Mark hung in there and kept in touch with me, suggesting alternative options I might consider to secure financing, patiently helping me meet my needs.

When I first started talking with Mark, I had been working with a competitor and was in the process of moving forward on an ultrasound unit. I felt very uncertain because I didn’t feel comfortable with the person selling to me. When Mark approached me I immediately felt at ease, he had a very authentic demeanor and I knew right away I should be working with him instead.

Throughout the entire process of searching for a machine and even after I received the unit, Mark always checked in to make sure I was happy with the process and everything was satisfactory.

My experience with Providian was excellent as a result of working with Mark, and I will absolutely recommend him and the company to my peers. I plan on expanding my business in the future, and I can without a doubt say I will bring all my business to Mark first.

Thank you for the excellent service and quality delivered by Mark of Providian Medical Equipment.


Tressa M.
Heart Matters Animal Ultrasound, LLC/Owner

Scott Brandt at Providian was great to work with! He stayed on top of all the details and helped me get the machine I needed in record time. I shopped around but in the end I knew that Scott was the most focused, thorough and professional. I would definitely purchase from him again

Lindsay in South Carolina
Supporter of an International Medical Non-profit

To Whom it may Concern,
I recently purchased equipment through Providian Medical. It was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my business. My sales agent Mark, the tech team and management all worked together to make this transaction easy and smooth. The personalized service you receive provides peace of mind and takes the guess work out of buying. Providian was able to suggest equipment that would best fit my business needs and had expertise to guide me through using it. I have zero regret and am so glad I went with Providian. Thank you!

Praise Dawson- Happy Customer

Praise Dawson, Ultrasound Imaging Specialist
First Flutters Elective Ultrasound, LLC

I am happy to report my dealings with Providian and Scott Brandt were easy and helpful and their reputation for service whether on a used machine or a new one has been great. I would certainly use them again in the future.

Dr. Lee Schulman MD

Scott, you are awesome.  Anyone that says otherwise can be directed to me and I will straighten them out.  Be looking for an email on Monday, and I will present this to our head physician this weekend (OU vs Notre Dame game, we are all going)  I guarantee we will be ordering from you and Providian again, just have to get the green light.  And yes, I will definitely be recommending that anyone needing medical equipment should speak with you and I will be more than happy to provide a very positive referral to any potential buyers.

Danny Rowland

I have had a wonderful experience with your company and especially Jason who has gone out of his way to ensure my needs have been met. I will use Providian as my go to for medical device purchase.
Jonathan Mack PhD RN NP – West Health Institute

I also want to thank you for the terrific communication and speedy service. That was a big factor in our decision making process. Companies these days seem to have a problem in that department!