At Providian Medical, we take pride in knowing that each machine we sell meets or exceeds the manufactures specifications. Our extensive refurbishing process assures that each of our technically and cosmetically refurbished ultrasound systems looks and performs like new. Each system is quality certified, meets or exceeds OEM specifications, and service/support contracts are available for every piece of equipment Providian Medical sells for as long as our customer own the equipment. Please review our refurbishing process and if you have any questions about it, we welcome a phone call or e-mail.

Providian Medical specializes in reconditioned ultrasound systems for Cardiology/Vascular, Ob/Gyn, Radiology, Internal Medicine and 3D/4D General Imaging needs. Unlike other facilities who may adopt a “spray and pray” approach, our process is thorough and exhaustive. Our thoroughly remanufactured systems are supplied with all necessary electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic upgrades so that they look and perform as if brand new. Each ultrasound we sell is delivered to your facility ready to scan patients upon installation.

Providian Medical’s exacting refurbishment process ensures the quality of your ultrasound system.


Providian Medical serves Hospitals around the world with refurbished medical equipment.

STEP 1: Selection 

Pre-owned Ultrasound Systems selected by Providian Medical must pass a strict pre-purchase inspection. We carefully select only the very best, mid-life equipment for our refurbishing process. We avoid equipment that has experienced high usage or has been poorly maintained. Equipment chosen by Providian Medical has been well cared for and carefully inspected & De-installed by a certified engineer.

STEP 2: Complete Refurbishment 

Providian Medical’s extensive refurbishing process includes complete refurbishment of all mechanical, electrical, and computer systems. Our experienced engineers completely refurbish the system, insuring compliance with new equipment specifications. Our expertise includes the most popular systems from GE, Siemens, Acuson, HP, Philips, ATL and Toshiba. Each carefully selected used ultrasound machine is put through a rigorous refurbishment process by our certified, factory-trained engineers. All used ultrasound machines undergo the following:


  • After reviewing error logs, extended basic tests are executed
  • Our engineers dismantle all major components
  • Each ultrasound transducer is inspected for cracks, swelling and de-bubbled
  • Complete electrical inspection is performed
  • Defective and out-dated parts are replaced with new or remanufactured parts that are guaranteed to meet OEM specifications
  • All ultrasound accessories, such as VCRs, printers, filters and keyboards, are thoroughly inspected and enhanced to meet OEM standards
  • Systems are professionally cleaned inside and out, sanded, and any imperfections are repaired;
  • System shells are then sterilized and repainted
  • The ultrasound machines are tested and calibrated, including a complete electrical safety check before a final check of error logs
  • All errors are cleared and the filter service meters are reset Once the refurbishing process is completed, every system is pre-staged and functionally test each unit before it leaves our facility
  • And at last, a final pre-shipment inspection and certification


STEP 3: Equipment Warranty & Service 

Every remanufactured system comes with a comprehensive warranty including all parts and labor. Providian Medical guarantees fast response time for all your warranty needs anywhere throughout the United States . This type of quality after sale support is why Providian Medical continues to earn customer loyalty in such a highly competitive atmosphere.

OEMs rely on Providian Medical’s process for refurbishing ultrasound machines.

Providian Medical’s certified, cross-trained service professionals not only refurbish used ultrasound systems for our customers, but for the Original Equipment Vendors as well. Companies such as GE, Siemens, Acuson, HP, Philips, ATL and Toshiba actually certify our refurbished systems for eligibility under their service contracts, just as if the system was bought brand new.

Providian Medical can meet all of your needs. Our products and services include the following:


  • Ultrasound products & accessories
  • Refurbishing your existing systems
  • Extended warranties & service contracts
  • Technical support
  • Equipment trade-in & purchasing options
  • Upgrade packages


With a large selection of fully reconditioned inventory and an extensive knowledge of the ultrasound industry, Providian Medical will provide you with an unmatchable level of professional attention and the right Ultrasound System at the right price, every time.


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