Introduced in 2009 as the first clinically available 3.0T 32-channel MRI head coil, and offering some of the highest signal-to-noise ratio available on a commercial device, MR Instrument’s 32-channel head coil provides detailed images of the brain, head, neck, and spine, all without causing undue discomfort for the patient.

MRI Head Coil Design

This MRI head coil’s open face design and lightweight, 6.8kg (with base) construction play an important role in reducing patient claustrophobia and increase head coil positioning and maneuverability. As a result, patients are more acceptable to MRI head and neck studies and they are more comfortable during the actual exams, moving less and reducing motion artifacts. Additionally, this MRI head coil can accommodate a removable mirror assembly, which serves to further patient comfort and reduce claustrophobia.

MRI Head Coil Imaging

With regards to their imaging capabilities for compatible 3T GE and Siemens MRIs, the 32-channel head coils offer parallel imaging capabilities with acceleration in all three planes, including:

4x 4x 2x

Greater acceleration and anatomical coverage, therefore, enable an optimal level of flexibility for advanced neuroimaging. Physicians and users can expect outstanding image resolution for greater diagnosis confidence and higher accuracy. This is especially true for high-performance studies such as fMRI, where SNR is crucial for successful results.

The 32-channel MRI head coils are compatible with 3.0T GE and Siemens MRIs.