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Extend the life of your MRI equipment and increase image quality, productivity, and patient comfort with the flexible MRI coils and head coils from MR Instruments. Providian Medical sells the 8-channel flexible MRI coil suite as well as the 16- and 32-channel head coils. As replacement MRI coils, the MR Instruments flexible coils bring multiple benefits for administrators, technologists, radiologists, and your patients. Interested in the MR Instruments flexible MRI coils? Call a Providian Medical sales expert today at 877-661-8224 or contact us.

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16-Channel MRI Head Coil for Sale for 1.5T GE and Siemens MRIs
16-Channel Head Coil

Achieve optimal images of the head, neck, and the brain with the 16-channel MRI head coil from MR Instruments. This [...]

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Head Coil Mirrors for Sale for 32-Channel & 16-Channel Head Coils
Head Coil Mirrors

Give your patients an optimal level of comfort with a set of MRI head coil mirrors for your MR Instruments 16-channel and [...]

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32-Channel MRI Head Coil for 3T GE and MRI MRIs
32-Channel Head Coil — 3 Tesla

Introduced in 2009 as the first clinically available 3.0T 32-channel MRI head coil, and offering some of the highest [...]

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DuoFLEX® Coil Suite

The DuoFLEX® Coil Suite provides some of the most versatile flexible MRI coils available. Including 10cm coils, 24cm coils, [...]

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