The refurbished GE Signa Excite 3.0T MRI machine provides comprehensive applications for assessment of anatomy, morphology, physiology and function. It handles nearly every application, from brain and spine, to vascular and cardiac, to functional and spectroscopic imaging.

The used GE Signa Excite 3.0T MRI scanner uses the same common interface on other GE MRI machines, such as the GE Signa MR and Lightspeed CT. The Signa Excite MRI includes its breakthrough technologies including PROPELLER, VIBRANT, and TRICKS technologies for ease of use, more accurate scanning, and better visualization.

GE Signa Excite 3.0T MRI scanner review

The Excite series of MR scanners were the first to promote the “Excite” technology from GE. It redesigned MRI workflow as well as imaging. The major changes included technologies that greatly reduced MRI sensitivity to patient movement, improved resolution, parallel processing, a large collection of 8-channel coils, docking table, and dual-sided controls.