The used Philips Brilliance CT 64 scanner is among the most versatile refurbished CT scanners on the market. It performs a wide variety of studies at a very high image quality. With a 64 slice count, the refurbished Brilliance 64 CT is what we recommend for cardiac, trauma, pediatric, and pulmonary exams where a high slice count is required for its speed and image resolution.

The Philips MRC tube in the Brilliance 64 also reduces time between sequences and operators don’t have to wait to continue an exam.

Philips CT scanners also include the DoseWise technology, which performs very well for using the smallest dose size while achieving very high image resolution.

Providian Medical Expert Review

We recommend the used Philips Brilliance CT 64-channel for those needing the higher resolution and advanced CT capabilities. Many of our customers prefer the Philips CT scanners because of their ease-of-use, dose efficiency, and fast image reconstruction.