The refurbished Philips Brilliance 16 is among our top-selling 16-slice CT scanners.

Because market for used 16 Slice CT scanners is competitive, many of the 16-slice scanners for sale are too expensive for offices looking to buy a 16-slice scanner. We recommend the Philips Brilliance 16 to customers who need a higher slice count but also have a tighter budget. The Brilliance 16 is powerful enough to deliver fast scan times while providing excellent image resolution and an affordable price point. Customers also like the user- friendly Brilliance Workstation.

The Brilliance line features the DoseWise system. DoseWise is Philips system for optimizing the balance of the smallest dose possible while providing the highest quality image.

Providian Medical Brilliance 16 CT Scanner Review:

A used Brilliance 16 multislice CT is one of our top CT scanners. Because of the high competition and high prices in the 16-slice CT market, we recommend the Philips Brilliance 16-slice CT scanner because of its price. It provides excellent image resolution while being more affordable than other options available. Our customers find this system to be user-friendly, fast, and excellent in a busy environment.