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Refurbished Philips C-arm systems are part of the "BV" series of C-arm systems, which were the first C-arms available in the world. Introduced in 1955, the original BV20 revolutionized surgical imaging and has continued to do so throughout its history. The most recent models, the BV Pulsera and BV Endura use an Image Intensifier. Meanwhile, Philips has also developed C-arms that use a flat detector in its Veradius series of C-arm systems. Used Philips C-arm machines are well-known in the refurbished equipment market as reliable and high-quality C-arm machines.

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Philips BV Endura

If a hard-working, flexible c-arm capable of running for long stretches of time is in your checklist, we propose that you [...]

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Philips BV Libra

The Philips BV Libra has been claimed to have the best price/performance value in its segment. There may be some truth to [...]

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Philips BV Pulsera

Pulsing in power, innovation, and flexibility, the Philips BV Pulsera was designed to be your next imaging acquisition. It is [...]

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Philips Veradius

The Philips Veradius mobile c-arm offers innovation in the form of a flat detector. This has advantages such as a large field [...]

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Philips Veradius Neo

The Philips Veradius Neo was designed with surgeons in mind and on hand. With a deep c-arm, this imaging device can easily be [...]

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