The GE OEC 7700 Compact+ was designed to work either as a one-piece mobile fluoroscopic c-arm or in tandem with a 7700 digital workstation. For areas where space is limited and when situations call for moving the unit around, the GE OEC 7700 fits the bill as it was designed to be compact enough to fulfill a variety of functions by being wheeled around by just one person. It operates on a “point and shoot” basis, has multiple imaging modes, and automatic adjustment for fluoroscopic settings – making it quite simple to operate. It has its own monitor and hardcopy printer, so there’s no need to cart around other components with the unit.

However, when more features are required for increasingly complex procedures, it can be paired with a separate workstation (the 7700 digital workstation) that can provide additional monitors, more copy options, increased image storage, and enhanced image processing. It also comes with options to enhance its capabilities for use in vascular procedures, making it capable of roadmapping and digital subtraction.

For ultimate flexibility, in terms of utility and budget, you get buy a remanufactured GE OEC 7700 Compact+ c-arm from Providian alone or with its 7700 digital workstation partner. One step, two steps, or buy both in one jump – the GE OEC 7700 will always provide you with options.