In service since FDA approval in the late 1990s, the GE OEC 7600 units are another batch of workhorse multi-functional mobile c-arms from the GE OEC line. Built to be maximized, the imaging device can be used in settings such as the outpatient, inpatient, operating room, and emergency departments due to its various capabilities and ease of transport. It operates on one-button modes, comes with automatic adjustments, and moves with motorized image rotation. It’s not only easy on the operator but on patients as well – it reduces the dose exposure to only what is necessary to produce quality images.

It comes with its own monitor or dual monitors and thermal printer. In the emergency department setting, it can help to locate foreign bodies, guide instruments during procedures, and facilitate fracture reduction. Its imaging capabilities include motion artifact reduction, digital subtraction, and enhancement of dense anatomy images such as those of the pelvis or spine. It even facilitates gastrointestinal procedures such as barium studies and colonoscopies.

These units remain reliable, useful, and of high quality. Now, they are even more cost-effective when bought as a refurbished unit from Providian. Ask us about the GE OEC 7600 c-arms and take a step towards your next worthwhile investment.