Low cost and quality need not be separate goals. The GE Brivo OEC 850 c-arm answers your need for both in a versatile package. It has superb image quality because of its Smart Definition Image Chain. This process involves image optimization while the image is being generated, allowing the device to create images of the highest clarity. Furthermore, its Low Dose Tube design works with the imaging process to use the lowest x-ray dose needed to create the best results; this minimizes patient x-ray exposure. The unit offers 1, 2, 4, and 8 pulse fluoro modes.

The Brivo OEC 850 c-arm is simple to operate, highly maneuverable in tight areas, lightweight, and easy to position. It can rotate in lateral and orbital directions to achieve the desired alignment with the least effort and time. Images are displayed via two high-resolution 19-inch medical monitors that can be tilted.

It has an integrated uninterruptible power supply, helping to avoid data loss. Images can be saved internally; up to 80,000 images can be kept in the device! It can transfer images to CD, DVD, USB drives, or through DICOM.

A refurbished GE Brivo OEC 850 c-arm may be just what your practice setting needs, and Providian is ready to provide you with the imaging device desired.