Expand Your Business: Rent Ultrasound Systems in Bulk

GE Logiq e bulk ultrasound machine rentalCompanies with large budgets have always benefitted from deep discounts when purchasing multiple ultrasound machines.

However, if you don’t have deep pockets, you don’t have this option. You’re stuck paying a higher price by purchasing single units over time.

These limits affect small hospitals, businesses, and researchers who don’t have the budget or credit to afford multiple ultrasound machines. Additionally, purchasing in bulk is risky for most businesses because it can become a very costly mistake if the ultrasounds aren’t being used.

We have the solution. In fact, most find that it’s a better solution because the benefits and savings are superior to what you’d receive in an outright purchase.

With Providian’s expanded ultrasound rental program, institutions and growing businesses can save their cash and rent multiple ultrasound machines. This program eliminates the risks of a bulk ultrasound purchase/lease, while providing tremendous benefits.

Research institutions and businesses are already seeing profits and success through our program. Our customers are renting anywhere from 3 to 35 systems, something that wasn’t possible without our ultrasound rental program.

Benefits of Renting Multiple Ultrasound Machines

In speaking with our customers, we keep hearing about new benefits they’re finding from their bulk ultrasound rental. Here’s are just a few things our customers love about our program:Biosound GE and SonoSite ultrasound machines for rent

  • Discounted pricing
  • Multiple brand names to choose from, including GE, SonoSite, SonoScape, Chison, and more
  • Limited risk: no long-term lease, high-interest loan, or large initial investment
  • Equipment is better quality than what budgets allow in an outright purchase or lease
  • Ability to quickly expand the business to facilitate new clients
  • Eliminate the expense of service contracts
  • No liability of a long-term lease
  • Portable ultrasound machines available
  • Quality ultrasound systems provided
  • Rent different models to provide the best machine for each application
  • Rent multiple ultrasounds of the same model
  • Minimal training across locations: we have free training videos for nearly all systems available
  • Quality black and white, color, and high-end ultrasound systems offered
  • Test the viability of expansion without the upfront cost
  • Eliminate the difficult process of reselling the equipment at a fraction of its original cost
  • Benefit from a continuous warranty during the rental period
  • Trade-up to newer or better equipment without taking a loss on the old equipment

Rent Multiple Units of the Same Ultrasound Model

Voluson Ultrasound Machines for RentFor some, an even greater benefit is the ability to have the same unit across all sites or departments. These perks include:

  • Consistent image quality across all sites, facilities, and departments
  • Streamlined and consistent workflow for PACS/DICOM or PC export
  • Reports, documentation, and exported studies will have the same appearance, quality and format
  • Units can be interchanged among all departments and locations without additional training needed
  • Custom presets and system settings can be shared across all locations, resulting in consistent results and user experiences
  • Consistent study protocols and procedures
  • Streamlined image review: all studies are performed using the same settings and formats
  • Users can can share experiences, tips, and tricks for improved imaging and experiences
  • Create best practices for the most efficient workflow by comparing results among technicians
  • Weak technicians can quickly be identified and trained by others to improve their performance
  • Advanced technicians can optimize imaging settings and share them across locations
  • Unified/common systems across departments (ED, Anesthesia, ICU, etc): Clinicians can use any ultrasound in any department without any additional training

Our Rental Program

Of course, you don’t have to rent multiple ultrasound machine to receive many of these benefits. This bulk rental program is an expanded version of our highly successful ultrasound system rental program where you can rent a single ultrasound machine. This expansion was created to meet the needs of our customers and provide an advantage that wasn’t possible.

Don’t want to rent? You always have the traditional option of purchasing ultrasound machines in bulk from Providian Medical Field Service.

Goodbye Warranty Costs

A largely unrealized benefit how it continues to save money.

Here’s why: All rental systems are under warranty during your rental period.

It’s like having a free, continuous service contract.

In other words, you don’t need to purchase an extended warranty or renew your service contract every year. You’ll save a minimum tens of thousands of dollars every year. And this isn’t a watered-down version of a true warranty. Our ultrasound rentals carry the same warranty provided in a standard ultrasound purchase. This also includes our industry leading loaner program that limits downtime and saves time, money, and frustration.

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