June 18, 2014 by Brian Gill

Refurbished GE Voluson e8 4D ultrasound machine HDliveGE’s Premium 4D Ultrasound “Shines” with Breakthrough Technology

I’ll just get this part out of the way: The used GE Voluson e8 is a fantastic ultrasound. Hands down, it’s the premium 4D obstetric ultrasound for Women’s Health on the market.  Period. Any questions?


So, let’s get into what everyone wants to hear about: HDlive. It’s cool, it’s unique, and will make you wonder if it’s a real picture or just a rendered 4D image. Check out the review here, and read more about the Voluson e8 with HDlive below.


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Voluson e8 Feature Review: HDlive

HDLive presents a new look at old 4D technology. But simply reading about it doesn’t really explain what it does…  HDlive has two key components. The first is a “virtual light source”, which is a term that means little to people. In plain English: HDlive is akin to taking a flashlight and shining it on a face from different angles. GE Voluson e8 HDLive 4D ultrasound

It creates shadows on the face similar to real light, giving a new depth and texture that’s quite amazing. The result creates  a very lifelike look.

The image here shows the results of moving the “virtual light source” on my training phantom (fake baby). In the lower-right corner of the image,  you’ll see the flashlight-like tool that is controlled by the trackball on the Voluson e8. This moves the light around and gives you many different looks at the baby.

The other key component of HDlive is an improved speckle reduction algorithm for use during 4D mode: VSRI, or Volume Speckle Reduction Imaging. This speckle reduction is optimized for 4D, and is adjustable in 4D mode.

Used GE Voluson e8 HDliveAs with all speckle reduction, this can really improve the image, or make it look like crinkled paper. In general, this is another nice tool that renders a cleaner image without the “fuzziness”, or artifact, in a 4D volume image.

 Voluson e8 System Review

The GE Voluson series of ultrasounds have been known as the premium 4D ultrasound machines since their inception in the  late 1990s. I first used the Voluson 730 in the year 2000, and I was simply blown away. Now with HDlive, 4D obstetric imaging has taken a long-overdue leap.

For the next 10 years or so, the 4D image technology hadn’t seen any dramatic changes. Upgrades to 4D ultrasounds over the years  included improved image quality and higher frame rates, but overall, these systems performed largely the same tasks with slightly improved results with each new revision. HDlive finally brought us something new, and it’s truly unique.

On top of that, this machine is one heck of a good women’s health ultrasound machine. Image quality is outstanding, with speckle reduction that provides a very clear, crisp image with great edge enhancement. The e8 really took a step forward in image quality over the Voluson 730. Its ergonomics are outstanding and the high definition LCD monitor makes the images all that much better.Voluson e8 HDlive 4D ultrasound machine keyboard

Also improved over the Voluson 730 is the image management. Prior models had a somewhat cumbersome and unfriendly image management program. All that’s been changed, and the new software is a lot better. It even lets you export to “Mac” and “PC” image formats (AVI and MOV), and overall every piece of the image management is easier, more efficient, and more straightforward.

The refurbished Voluson e8 is something that is highly recommended for women’s health ultrasound who would like a 4D machine. Those not needing 4D, may want to consider something else. While this is an excellent machine, these don’t come without a 4D configuration, and you’ll pay for technology you won’t use.

GE’s Voluson series of ultrasound remains the king of obstetric 4D, and I look forward to seeing what their next innovation will be. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another 10 years.


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Transcript to Voluson e8 with HDLive refurbished ultrasound machine review

Hi, I’m Brian Gill from Providian Medical and today we’re taking a look at the Voluson e8 Expert Ultrasound machine.

This is the latest and greatest in the Voluson ultrasound system series. Now, the Voluson ultrasound’s been among my favorite machine since I first used one in the year 2000.

Now, it’s not just the Voluson’s have always had the best 4D imaging that make them great, it’s also the ergonomics of the user interface design. It really is one of the first of its kind, and over time became essentially the industry standard that everyone copied. Now, GE obviously knows they got something right because everybody copied it, and basically this interface is a tweaked upgraded version of that first Voluson 730 ultrasound machine.

The e8 is a successor to the Voluson 730 and it is excellent. Besides the great image quality, it also has great penetration and its speckle reduction imaging provides excellent, really clear images. With that image quality you can acquire better 4D images that are more like-life, and more importantly provides better image quality, and it’s easier to acquire 4D images on difficult to image patients.

The unit I’m using is the latest and greatest and it features the HDlive feature. HDlive provides an entirely new view to 4D imaging and it’s pretty special. In fact, on the first look it gave me that same feeling as when I first saw 4D. It’s really cool and so lifelike that it makes you jump back a little bit. And what people normally say is it’s kind of creepy, but not in a bad way.

Its just it’s so fascinating because the image is so lifelike that you can’t help but to stand back a little bit. So what it does, it provides you a virtual light source, almost like you are taking a flashlight. And in fact, the thing that it shows you is almost like you’re putting a flashlight, and this adds shadows and depth to the image, which gives it a very, very lifelike image, because your standard 4D is almost like there’s a light right in front like this. And now you can scroll it around, and get shadows on the face.

And it also works in other types of 4D imaging. So it gives you this very, very lifelike thing that, basically last time you saw it was in biology class when you saw those PBS type shows. Now, also it adds in the 4D is Volume Speckle Reduction, which allows you to do the speckle reduction in 4D mode, which improves the image quality a great deal. Other features include SonoAVC Follicle, which automatically calculates the number and the volume of follicles. And another great feature is the upgrade to Sono View.

The previous software was really frustrating to use. And now, the image review feature is so much easier to export images, and review images, and to send them out, that it’s not nearly as frustrating– much more intuitive. Now, it also has some cool functions for the ergonomics, such as you can push button and move it around like this and it immediately locks into place. You could also automatically electronically take this keyboard and go up and down.

So it’s got some pretty cool features like that, and allowing you to move the thing forward and backward. And you lock it in place and it’s easy to go. So I love the Voluson e8. I’ve always loved the Voluson series. It’s a fantastic system and this one is just, it keeps improving on that Voluson. If you ever used one, you’ve seen the 4D, you know it’s the best in class, and it’s always been the best in class. And they haven’t let anyone really catch up.

They keep coming up with new innovative features to make it cooler, the image quality keeps getting better, and it really has always been one of my favorite ultrasound machines. And if you have the means, I highly recommend the Voluson e8 Ultrasound machine. I’m Brian Gill with Providian Medical, and that’s what you need to know about the Voluson e8 4D woman’s health ultrasound machine. Thanks for watching.