The new SonoScape S9, released in June 2013, is an impressive portable ultrasound machine. It’s the first portable with a full touchscreen interface that is separate from the imaging screen. It’s extremely easy to use, fast, and the image quality is excellent.

As a full shared services portable ultrasound machine with 4D imaging and integrated Stress Echo, the SonoScape S9 is the most versatile and innovative portable ultrasound machines we’ve seen to date. Additionally, it has one of the best user-interfaces found on a portable ultrasound machine.

Its 15″ LCD monitor tilts up to 45-degrees, as well, making it easier to view in a variety of situations.

Providian Medical Expert Review

We found the SonoScape S9 to be a very impressive ultrasound machine with excellent image quality. Its touchscreen user interface is very user-friendly, efficient, and well-designed. We tested the S9 side-by-side with large console ultrasounds and some of the top portable ultrasound machines on the market… we found that the image quality is comparable or better than some of the best portable ultrasound machines for sale. 

To say we are impressed with the SonoScape S9 portable ultrasound unit would be an understatement. This is is a great machine.