The Philips CX50 portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine is a premium portable ultrasound machine, considered by some as one of the two best portable cardiac point-of-care ultrasound machines for sale.

The refurbished CX50 ultrasound machine is among a small group of premium portable cardiac ultrasound machines that have high-end features found on the larger console-based systems. These premium cardiac ultrasound machines provide better penetration in difficult-to-image patients, advanced analysis software, and premium image quality.

The refurbished CX50, while sometimes pricey, includes many of the advanced features found on the popular Philips ie33, such as PureWave transducer technology.

Providian Medical Expert Review:

The refurbished Philips CX50 is considered one of the best-imaging portable cardiac ultrasound machines for sale. In addition to cardiovascular situations, the CX50 is found in any Point-of-Care situation where a physician is often performing the ultrasound.

We like it for its ease-of-use and image quality. Its portability allows it to be an excellent system for needle-guidance procedures in MSK, vascular access, pain management, and surgical situations. Recent upgrades include a needle visualization packages and focus on surgical use (including new transducers designed for surgical situations).