The GE Vscan is a pocket-sized portable ultrasound machine designed for quick diagnosis in cardiology, primary care, and emergency departments. It comes with a single phased array probe that is ideal for triage and a quick, easy look inside of patients to determine the best course of treatment.

For cardiac uses, the Vscan provides physicians for a quick look at the heart for a quick diagnosis of cardiac anatomy and function. It provides an immediate look into the body so physicians can see what’s happening inside the body.

The Vscan weighs less than a pound, can fit in one hand and has a very simple, non-cluttered user interface.

Providian Medical Expert Review

Originally marketed as a cardiac “visualization tool”, physicians started using the GE Vscan portable ultrasound in a variety of other situations. It was originally misunderstood by many, who considered ultrasound only for full diagnostic use and measurements, not just a quick-look, bedside ultrasound machine. But as the market has changed and more physicians start using ultrasound at bedside (point-of-care), the Vscan quickly became a great choice for introducing ultrasound in the emergency department and primary care offices.

The Vscan ultrasound unit is a unique product for this market and has become more popular as physicians discover its usefulness.