The used GE Voluson E8 is one of the most popular and sought-after 4D ultrasound machines on the market today.

Building on the popular and very successful Voluson 730 series, the refurbished Voluson e8 established itself as the new standard for excellent OB/GYN, Radiology and 4D imaging.

Some versions include HDLive imaging, which provides a new way of viewing 4D imaging and was quickly imitated/duplicated by other manufacturers who saw the value and popularity of this new technology. The HDLive provides a virtual light source, which can be “moved” by the user to provide shadows on the face, giving it a very realistic view of the baby.

Providian Medical Voluson e8 Review:

We’ve always loved the Voluson ultrasound machines for their innovative technologies, excellent image quality in its modalities, and ease-of-use. The e8 set a new standard for image quality, improving penetration, and easier-to-use features over all other 4D ultrasound machines. This is a highly recommended machine for those looking for premium OB/GYN image quality. A refurbished GE Voluson e8 can be found at a very good price.