The used GE Vivid e95 is in GE’s premium class of cardiovascular ultrasound systems, but most notably, it is among one of three GE cardiovascular ultrasound machines to introduce the new cSound beamforming technology.

cSound technology on the Vivid e95 uses software instead of hardware to perform beamforming functions, allowing the machine to use 10-15% more data from the transducer in order to create a more clear, consistent, accurate ultrasound image of the heart.

The Vivid e95 with cSound, in addition to its excellent 4D technologies, provides exceptional cardiac image quality, with reduced artifact and clearer, more realistic image of the heart.

The Vivid e95 also includes all of GE’s premium cardiac ultrasound features that are so well known for the Vivid series.

The difference between the Vivid e95 and its sister product the Vivid e90 ultrasound machines is the e95 includes 4D imaging technology.

Providian Medical’s Vivid e95 Ultrasound Machine Review

Because the cSound is a new technology, there’s bound to be bugs in the system for at least the first two years of its existence. This is the main reason you’ll want to purchase this on the refurbished market. The second reason is that a premium ultrasound system comes at a premium price.

It’s important to note that GE’s Vivid series clearly lives up to its “premium” label… in price and performance. 

Since acquiring Vingmed many years ago, GE has consistently led the market in cardiovascular ultrasound, competing head-to-head with the other industry leader Philips.

The e95 continues the tradition of premium cardiac ultrasound.