With the success and expansion of 4D cardiac imaging, GE completely redesigned the GE Vivid 7 Dimension with an emphasis on 4D cardiac imaging and solid ergonomics. The result is a highly customizable, powerful shared service ultrasound machine, and is arguably the most versatile and best cardiac ultrasound machine on the market.

4D cardiology has become more prevalent as cardiologists are learning its usefulness and accuracy. In addition, 4D cardiac ultrasound is especially effective in making a cardiac study more efficient, particularly in stress echo studies. And as the price decreases each additional year, a refurbished Vivid e9 is quickly becoming an affordable 4D cardiology ultrasound.

Providian Medical Vivid e9 Review:

A 4D cardiology ultrasound once seemed a bit of a gimmick, however, the technology has gained a lot of traction and it provides so many different views of the heart with a single capture. No longer does the tech have to find different windows to get an image, they can choose the best window and get all necessary views of the heart. A used GE Vivid e9 should be a top consideration for those with the budget to buy this premium cardiac ultrasound.