The Vivid 7 Dimension upgrade adds 4D and multidimensional imaging to the original GE Vivid 7 ultrasound. With the Dimension release, the Vivid 7 took a large step ahead by adding real-time 4D cardiac imaging. It continues to reign as one of the top, most adored cardiac ultrasound machines. By adding 4D and other new technologies, the Vivid 7 Dimension has state-of-the-art features, excellent image quality, and arguably the best price/performance of any used cardiac ultrasound system.

Since its first release, the Vivid 7 became and remained the most well-known and top premium cardiac ultrasound machine for sale.

Providian Medical’s Expert Review:

The GE Vivid 7 Dimension is a Best Buy refurbished ultrasound system. The  Vivid 7 “Dimension” release builds on the popular, top-rated Vivid 7 ultrasound by adding 4D multidimensional imaging, as well as host of technologies that come with it. GE sees 4D cardiac as the future of cardiac ultrasound technology, particularly due to the time it saves during an exam and its added efficiency.

The refurbished Vivid 7 cardiovascular ultrasound, simply put, will provide you premium cardiovascular imaging for the lowest price. 

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