The refurbished Biosound MyLab 30CV portable ultrasound machine is designed as a high-end cardiovascular portable ultrasound system, but with added options it has full shared service capabilities, including a biplane endocavity probe for urologists.

One of the more unique features is a linear transducer that operates at up to 18MHz, targeting the rheumatology market and other superficial imaging. Also unique is that it has two transducer ports, while most portable ultrasound machines for sale only have one. This is a helpful feature that is often overlooked.

For cardiovascular solutions, there are a variety of linear and phased array probes, and includes integrated Stress Echo, laproscopic, and TEE transesophageal transducers.

Providian Medical Expert Review:

We have sold the Biosound CV30 for many years, and our customers have rave reviews about the image quality. The cardiac imaging is very good, but for needle guidance procedures, rheumatology and other superficial imaging, the CV30 is one of the premium portable ultrasounds for sale.

Weighing at just under 20 pounds, it’s not as light as other portables but is light enough for sonographers to transfer site-to-site and room-to-room easily with its integrated handle. Additionally, we love its two transducer ports for those who often use two transducers in their studies.