The Acuson Cypress was the first truly high-quality portable cardiac machines for sale. Available as refurbished and remanufactured, it remains in high demand as a used portable ultrasound machine. For its price range, it has very good cardiac capabilities while also providing very good abdominal and vascular imaging.

Our customers use the Acuson Cypress in-office as well as mobile situations. Cardiologists and their sonographers have come to trust the Acuson Cypress for consistent, good quality cardiac images at an excellent price.

The Acuson Cypress has Transesophageal (TEE), stress echo, pediatric cardiac, IMT, vascular and abdominal capabilities, making it a complete cardiovascular solution.

Providian Medical’s Acuson Cypress Review

The Acuson Cypress portable ultrasound machine is “The Little Engine That Could” of portable ultrasounds for sale. Its history is long… many manufacturers have tried to duplicate its excellent cardiac image quality, but this portable ultrasound remains the diamond-in-the-rough. When Siemens purchased Acuson, it cancelled this product, which was probably one of their biggest mistakes.

The Cypress has a loyal following. While most early cardiac portable ultrasound machines have been phased out for newer technologies, the Cypress remains a great small, inexpensive machine can provide good image quality AND great penetration for portable cardiac ultrasound. Many newer portable ultrasound machines for sale… all with more modern technology… have yet to truly compete with the image quality, price, and penetration that is found with the Acuson Cypress portable ultrasound.

We continue to recommend the Acuson Cypress as an excellent choice for those looking for a reasonably priced portable ultrasound machine for sale.