GE CT Scanners For Sale

GE is known for high-quality CT scanners with an excellent reputation for being durable and easy-to-maintain. Providian Medical sells 4-, 8-, 16-, and 64-slice refurbished GE CT scanners. Our most popular CT scanners for sale are the GE QXI, GE Lightspeed 16, GE VCT 64 and the GE Brightspeed CT machines. Many of our customers prefer GE CTs because they are typically less expensive to maintain over the life of the unit. All GE CT machines are air-cooled and are available for a wide variety of applications. Talk to a Providian Medical sales expert today to find out if a GE CT scanner is the right choice for your next GE CT system. Call today at 877-661-8224.

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GE Brightspeed Edge Select

The used GE Brightspeed Edge Select 8-slice CT machine is a compact, low-priced 8-slice CT scanner hat offers multi-detector [...]

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GE Brightspeed Elite

The used GE Brightspeed Elite CT machine is a 16-slice scanner that offers high resolution imaging at an optimized dose. [...]

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ge pet discovery 4
GE Discovery 4 PET

With a compact footprint and low system weight for its capability, the GE Discovery 4 PET CT machine is a fully integrated [...]

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GE Discovery CT750 HD

The used GE Discovery CT750 HD CT machine produces high definition images at up to 230 micron resolution, enhancing [...]

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GE Discovery ST

Providian Medical has a GE Discovery ST PET/CT Scanner available for sale. This is an 8 slice machine used to diagnosis [...]

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GE HiSpeed NX/I Dual

The used GE HiSpeed NX/I Dual CT scanner is an easy-to-operate wide-bore system equipped with multislice technology to enable [...]

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GE Lightspeed 16 CT Scanner
GE Lightspeed 16

The refurbished GE Lightspeed 16-slice CT scanner is one of our most popular and best-selling used CT Scanners. Its price for [...]

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GE Lightspeed Plus 4-slice CT Scanner
GE Lightspeed Plus

The refurbished GE Lightspeed Plus 4-slice CT scanner replaces the QX/i and adds a new gantry design and scan times up to 0.5 [...]

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GE Lightspeed QX/I Quad

The used GE Lightspeed QX/i Quad CT scanner is is a 4-slice whole body multi-slice machine capable of routine 0.8 second [...]

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GE Lightspeed RT 16

The used GE Lightspeed RT 16 CT machine is considered one of the world’s leading CT scanners for cancer care. The GE [...]

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Refurbished GE Lightspeed Ultra 8-Slice CT Scanner
GE Lightspeed Ultra 8

The refurbished GE Lightspeed 8 Ultra CT scanner remains one of the fastest 8-slice CT machines on the market today. When [...]

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GE LightSpeed VCT XT

The refurbished GE LightSpeed VCT  and GE Lightspeed VCT XT 64-slice CT scanners are whole-body scanners designed for [...]

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