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GE's OEC brand of C-arms are the most popular brand of C-arms on the market today. GE claims that 7 out of 10 surgeons have new or refurbished OEC C-arms today, and have a resale value multiple times higher than its competitors. The OEC brand of C-arm, acquired by General Electric in 1999, has long been known as the top brand of C-arm in the industry. In 2006, the value of the OEC systems increased dramatically as the manufacturing of the OEC C-arms was halted. The price and value of the available refurbished General Electric OEC C-arms skyrocketed and has become more reasonably priced since. The used OEC C-arms are now readily available at an affordable price through Providian Medical, Inc.

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GE Brivo OEC 850 C-Arm
GE Brivo OEC 850

Low cost and quality need not be separate goals. The GE Brivo OEC 850 c-arm answers your need for both in a versatile [...]

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GE Fluorostar 7900 c-arm
GE Fluorostar 7900

“Compact and modular,” these words describe the GE Fluorostar 7900 c-arm best. It is a high quality imaging [...]

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GE OEC 6600

To introduce a mini c-arm into your practice, the GE OEC 6600 may be the perfect imaging device to start you off. Available [...]

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GE OEC 6800

It may be argued that the GE OEC 6800 is the best, at least in terms of advancements and features, among the mini c-arms. [...]

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GE OEC 7600

In service since FDA approval in the late 1990s, the GE OEC 7600 units are another batch of workhorse multi-functional mobile [...]

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GE OEC 7700 Compact+

The GE OEC 7700 Compact+ was designed to work either as a one-piece mobile fluoroscopic c-arm or in tandem with a 7700 [...]

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GE OEC 9000

The original c-arm that launched the OEC legend, the GE OEC 9000 remains a multiple application mobile x-ray imaging system [...]

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GE OEC 902

Available and approved by the FDA for use in the US since 1996, the GE OEC 902 is still a c-arm that can offer image quality [...]

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GE OEC 9400

This mobile unit can meet your various orthopedic, general surgery, and pain management requirements. It is capable of [...]

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GE OEC 9600

A platform from which you can expand and add capabilities as desired, the GE OEC 9600 mobile c-arm is an imaging tool that is [...]

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GE OEC 9800 Plus

Available as late as October 2011 in the US, the GE OEC 9800 Plus c-arm has been in service in more healthcare centers around [...]

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GE OEC 9900 Elite

The OEC 9900 Elite C-arm is one of GE Healthcare’s latest devices; for sale, available, and approved for use in the United [...]

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GE OEC Brivo Plus

Redefine “basic” and provide your facility access to quality images for surgery. The GE OEC Brivo Plus c-arm is the [...]

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GE OEC FlexiView 8800

Flexible in every way, the GE OEC FlexiView 8800 is a mobile fluoroscopy system that is economical and has been proven to [...]

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