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Providian Medical Blog

GE Logiq e and Vivid e Connectivity for PACS

Configuring DICOM on GE Logiq e and Vivid e ultrasounds

Frustration and Pain is a common theme among those who call for help with DICOM on a GE Logiq e or Vivid e. It’s not an easy process, and it’s not designed for general ultrasound users. It’s designed for IT professionals. And this is why 95% of people can’t make it work on their first try. Today I’m demystifying it in a step-by-step tutorial.

Learn how to scan and use the GE VSCan Dual Probe Ultrasound Machine

GE VScan Dual Probe Imaging and Features: Ultrasound Training Part 3

With a limited amount of controls, the GE VScan Dual Probe uses what’s available in many ways that are not always obvious to the user, such as using the circular button to operate like an old-school iPod

GE VScan Dual Probe System Introduction and Training Part 2

GE VScan Dual Probe System Tour: Ultrasound Training Part 2

Learn how to use the and get around GE VScan Dual Probe, understanding its hidden functions and the various ways to get around the system. The VScan is more powerful and has more functionality than it appears when you first start using the VScan.

GE VScan Dual Probe Ultrasound Training Part 1

Getting Started with the GE VScan Dual Probe: Ultrasound Training Part 1

This quick tour of the GE VScan Dual Probe includes the basics of setup and getting started with the GE VScan Dual Probe portable pocket-sized ultrasound machine.

System Customization and DICOM setup on the Chison EBit 60

EBit 60 System and DICOM Setup: Ultrasound Training Part 5

How to setup DICOM and customize your Chison EBit 60 ultrasound machine. All the functions here are in the System Setup, which you access by pressing the wrench icon on the keyboard. Here you’ll find the many ways to customize and setup the Ebit 60 to your personal preferences.

Image Review and Export on the Chison EBit 60 ultrasound machine

EBit 60 Image Review and Exporting Images-Loops: Ultrasound Training Part 4

Learn how to export images after reviewing a current or previous examImage Review and Export on the Chison EBit 60 ultrasound machine. DICOM is covered in a portion of this training, but you’ll want to review Part 6 for a full rundown on how to setup DICOM on the Chison EBit 60.

Learn Doppler and M-Mode Imaging with the Chison EBit 60 Portable Ultrasound Training

Ebit 60 Doppler, M-Mode, Calculations and Reports, Ultrasound Training Part 3

Learn how to properly use Doppler, M-Mode, calculations and reports on the EBit 60. There is key information in this portion of the training regarding using calculations in Doppler modes.

Chison Ebit 60 Training, Imaging and Optimization

EBit 60 Imaging, Optimization, Saving, Custom Presets: Ultrasound Training Part 2

Learn how to properly use the EBit 60 for imaging, optimization as well as perform common scanning functions.

Chison EBit 60 Ultrasound Training Series

Chison EBit 60 System Overview: Ultrasound Training Part 1

A complete overview of the Chison EBit 60 shared service ultrasound system. Part 1 of this training provides the foundation for the rest of the training modules.

Chison EBit 60 Extended Review

Chison worked closely with Providian to create the EBit 60. Learn about how we worked together to meet the demands of today’s ultrasound customer.