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Providian Medical Blog

Toshiba Aquilion One CT Scanner | Providian Medical

Comparing CT Manufacturers and Models: Choosing the Best CT for Your Needs

Browsing among CT scanners from different manufacturers takes time and can be overwhelming. This guide explains the important features to look for in a CT scanner and then compares the top CT manufacturers.

Magnify Your MRI Performance With DuoFLEX Flexible MRI Coils

The DuoFLEX coils from MR Instruments are designed to improve image quality, provide better comfort for patients, and offer flexible, comprehensive anatomy coverage all with a single set of these 8-channel MRI coils.

Improve Cardiac Frame rates on GE Logiq e or GE Vivid e

Improving Frame Rates on the GE Logiq e and Vivid e Ultrasound Machines

Learn how to balance good image quality while improving frame rates on your GE Logiq e or GE Vivid e portable ultrasound machine.

Logiq e Megabytes and Gigabytes

Managing Hard Drive Space on the GE Logiq e and GE Vivid e

Cardiac and vascular techs all have one thing in common: running out of hard drive space, slow exporting of studies, and odd system behavior, all of which are commonly solved by changing a few settings on your ultrasound machine. Here I’ll tell you why it happens and how to fix it.

GE Vivid i DICOM setup and configuration

GE Vivid i DICOM Connectivity: Ultrasound Training Part 7

Get the smiley face! Unlock the secrets to getting your system connected to your DICOM/PACS system. It’s hard and can be quite confusing for users of all technical abilities. Here we’ll walk you step-by-step through the difficult process of understanding the Vivid i’s powerful DICOM setup.

Export images from your GE Vivid i machine and learn to review images and reports ultrasound training

GE Vivid i Image Review, Export, and Reports: Ultrasound Training Part 6

Some features of the GE Vivid i aren’t very intuitive. One of these features is exporting images. Reviewing images and reports are not very complicated, but nearly all first-time users struggle with properly exporting images. Here you’ll learn how.

Customize and setup your GE Vivid i ultrasound machine to your own specifications

GE Vivid i System Setup and Customization: Ultrasound Training Part 5

Proper setup of your GE Vivid i is a key item before you get started using the Vivid i. The screens can be complicated and you’ll learn all about them in this part of the Vivid i training series.

GE Vivid i making measurements and annotations

GE Vivid i Measurements and Annotations: Ultrasound Training Part 4

Make measurements and add or create annotations on the GE Vivid i. This is part 4 of our GE Vivid i portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine training.

Vivid i Doppler and M-Mode imaging modes training cardiovascular ultrasound portable machine

GE Vivid i Doppler and M-Mode Imaging: Ultrasound Training Part 3

Doppler and M-Mode Imaging: Vivid i Training Part 3 of 7 Understanding Doppler and M-Mode imaging is a key part of using the GE Vivid i for cardiovascular imaging. Here you’ll learn how to use Color, Doppler, and M-Mode, for general use, as well as how to optimize the image for better frame rates or improved … [Read More]

GE Vivid i cardiovascular ultrasound training: imaging and optimization

GE Vivid i 2D imaging and Optimization: Ultrasound Training Part 2

Learn how to perform standard imaging, optimization, and save custom presets in this second installment of the GE Vivid i training video series.